10/10/2012 08:29 BST | Updated 08/12/2012 05:12 GMT

A Big Return to Old Conservative Values

This week has undoubtedly seen a return to Conservative values that thus far had been watered down by the Liberal Democrats. It doesn't take a mere student to understand that the Tory conference in Birmingham will be about showing muscle and showing their guns so to speak in a year marked by division within the coalition.

So far, we have been treated to the popular and fairly okay presence of William Hague, although it was a shame to see the Prime Minister yawning like a schoolboy in assembly. Today, we have been treated to the ugly face of what I call Aristocratic Conservatism, namely Francis Maude and George Osborne. Andrew Mitchell is just a typical sign of the disease racking the Tory Party below the friendly edifice. That being their true emotions such as a belief in wealth and tradition hidden under a thin guise of moral progressive values.

The message from the Tory conference will I suspect be tailored to the grassroots as grumblings continue within the party itself. For Labour, the conference marked by Ed Miliband's good speech that marked his ability to be a real contender for Cameron's job, was a success all round. The Tories will be on the defensive as the Liberal Democrats showed signs of coming off their leash and Labour went on the attack. For me, the government has gone from one with prime opportunity and hope to a government of reactionaires that have stumbled from one crisis to another. If David Cameron had invested heavily while in opposition to preparing his team for power, then I would advise him to get a refund cause he is not ready for power and it shows.

Today the Chancellor (even though I regard as an insult to the legacies of Lloyd George and William Gladstone to call him Chancellor), has unveiled a plan to cut another 10 billion from welfare spending. With young people being targeted - yet again - especially school leavers having no access to benefits without a job after school. He went further in saying that in return for a share of your employers business, you have to surrender basic working rights such as redundancy pay. Maude himself, the master of the Cabinet Office has called for the removal of pay for trade union reps in the civil service on the public payroll. All of this on one day says that the Tory guns are trying to regain their core supporters.

If the elections in 2012 are anything to go by, the Tories are headed to defeat in 2015 and they know it. This conference has surely been the conference of old Conservative values and a message to the country: we are still Conservative and we are still ready to fight!