02/03/2013 17:06 GMT | Updated 01/05/2013 06:12 BST

Traditional Political Speak is Nonsense

I was watching Question Time on the BBC and found myself agreeing more with those in the audience who claimed that the panel was speaking 'political speak' that did not mean a thing with the ordinary public. Thinking about it more and more, politicians are speaking more like a clique or club rather than addressing the concerns of the people. Take the claims of the Conservatives again and again claiming that they have done this or that, repeating the same lines, while leaving questions unanswered in the minds of the public. Questions asked of Members of Parliament repeatedly get a scripted response that usually blames the other party for the persons ills in life.

This has coincided with a rise in careerist politicians, who go through education with the sole aim in life to enter Parliament. In our grandfathers' generation, most Members of Parliament were either ordinary working class who had devoted their lives to their families and communities or wealthy aristocratic men who had never worked a day in their life. That was the fact of life. Today the fact of life is very much different.

Politicians are increasingly individuals who dwell in the political bubble away from the day to day struggles of ordinary families and speak a different language.

When the people elect their representatives, they should get a person who knows their struggles from finding a job to paying bills. A person who knows how to talk the same language as those who do not enjoy the privilages of the Westminster lifestyle. They do not deserve someone who speaks scripted responses that have been edited along party lines. People joke and talk about past times when Members of Parliament were mostly working class within the Labour Party. Yet there is something to be said for those days.

Let's face it those MPs who served decades ago seemed to be more representative of society than contemporary MPs.