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VI Talk: Building a Social World on Audioboo

In this modern day, society has been cultivated towards the productivity of the Internet and its many social media platforms. From Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with millions of people across the world accessing them on a daily basis it is no wonder that many are turning to the Internet to make new discoveries.


A rapidly growing social media website is none other than Audioboo, a website where people can share their thoughts and ideas through the medium of spoken word and audio clips. CEO Robert Proctor founded social media website Audioboo with the purpose of creating a site that would act as a community, whilst allowing people to bring fresh content to their listeners.

Now the site has a successful listenership with millions tuning in to listen to their favourite 'audiobooers,' channels and publications. Like its earlier social media predessessors it allows people to find a space where they can access the content that best suits their lifestyle and personal preferences.

A growing community on audioboo are those who have limited vision. Audioboo is a site that appeals to many from the sight loss community as it allows them to access material easily and equally to any other listener.

A key example of a channel providing content and support to this particualr niche is the upcoming channel VI Talk. Founders Jo Fishwick and Michael Allen started VI Talk with the purpose of sharing information, ideas and fresh content to their community. After producing content for previous podcasts and publications, Jo and Michael sought to create a network that they could grow and expand upon for anyone involved in the world of sight loss and disabilty.


'VI Talk is about sharing ideas, information and support. In fact this has become our tag line.'
Says Jo Fishwick

VI Talk is becoming a growing success, with a large active community on Audioboo, Facebook and Twitter. Now with over 55k hits on the channel and connections with different individuals, groups, charities and organisations it is quickly becoming one of the most prolific channels and social networking platforms for people in the sight loss community.

'It's been great to see so many different individuals join the group and interact with each other. As much as anything we're learning as we go and meeting lots of interesting and inspirational people.'

Michael Allen.

In the course of 5 months of being an active network, the channel has already enabled individuals with varying experiences of sight loss to come together to share their ideas, stories and experiences. The charity has been featured on Insight Radio, TopsTunes Radio and Infosound due to the channels growing audience and variety of content.

The founders aim to expand and grow their channel to cater to different indviduals from all backgrounds, ages, genders and lifestyles to encourage them to socialise. From technology, travel and sport to lifestyle VI Talk is a channel that discusses different topics, making them accessible for those with sight loss.

Jo and Michael are both working vigorously each week on producing new content, creating new discussions and sourcing interviews with different individuals from charities, organisations and walks of life to inspire people to achieve their full potential regardless of their disability.

From interviews to guest speakers, Jo and Michael have featured different individuals from a variety of sectors in the sight loss community such as professionals, inspirational people and those with stories on how they have overcome their sight loss. They have already interviewed the likes of Andrea Begley winner of TV series The Voice and have featured a variety of guests during their recent coverage of the annual event known as Sight Village.


'We want young people to grow up with the knowledge that they can achieve. We want parents to have good role models for their children and to be able to ask questions and get answers from people who have maybe been through the same experiences. We want to create a wonderful and inclusive community
Jo Fishwick and Michael Allen

With aspirations for this year and the next of progression with their channel, it is clear to see that this is a project with drive and ambition that aims to use social media as a method of inclusion and to encourage people who have experienced sight loss to achieve their goals.

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