Lillie will be back on screen in Sunday night's episode of the ITV2 reality show.
The Olympian is known for his love of knitting and used it to help pass the time between dives at the women’s 3m springboard final.
The presenter was hailed as a class act for the brilliant nod she appeared to give to the ex-minister's comments.
The actor and singer portrays the late Queen of Soul in the film that is set to hit UK cinemas in September.
Not all fashion bosses are like Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada – but some are close.
"I am PROUD. Proud of the young girl who overcame obstacles, and proud of my accent! It’s me, it’s my journey, my grit."
From Lillie exposing Liam, to Teddy and Faye being cruelly torn apart, there was a hell of a fallout from Casa Amor.