Reps for the Harry Potter author have slammed the prank call by infamous Russian hoaxters Vovan and Lexus.
Nearly one year after winning an Olympic gold medal, Tom Daley talks about the vulnerabilities that lie beneath his record-smashing athletic prowess.
The TV personality has to carry out 170 hours of unpaid work after sending abusive messages to her ex-husband about his fiancée.
The Devil Wears Prada star has quite the list…
UA:PBC and Kalush Orchestra have both voiced their "disappointment" at the EBU's decision Ukraine can not host in 2023.
The defendant pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order, having previously been found guilty of stalking in 2019.
"With the band, it was so busy and so hectic, I just used it as a bit of escapism to run away with myself for a little while."
"Rather than just serving up a Summer of Love, we thought we’d make 2023 the Year of Love."