07/12/2017 13:06 GMT

10 Great Gadget Stocking Fillers

Take the hassle out of the Christmas shopping and leave it to us.

Christmas is looming over the horizon and along with that comes the gargantuan task of finding the right gifts for the human beings in your life.

It’s not an easy job and too often we can find ourselves just resorting to those classic staples of socks, chocolates and some form of alcohol.

Well we’ve come up with some alternatives, ten gadgets and gizmos that will have those stockings filled in next to no time.

From making sure that they never lose their keys again to giving a loved one the gift of a caffeine hit, even if they’re in the middle of nowhere.

Virtual reality is finally in the mainstream but that doesn’t mean it has to cost the Earth which is why we’ve included one of our favourite affordable entrants into this exciting new technology.

  • 1 Tile Style
    Tile Style
    If you’ve got a friend or family member who is forever losing things, whether it be their car keys, their luggage or even their pooch, they won’t be able to thank you enough for a Tile Style. Fix this tiny Bluetooth tracker to handbags, a passport holder and even the dog via its collar and if they ever get lost the Tile app will locate them.
    Price: £30 from Tile
  • 2 BrightSounds 2
    BrightSounds 2
    Festival goers will love the BrightSounds 2. It’s a portable Bluetooth speaker, an ambient light and a powerpack all in one and is made for camping. After a night out catching a few bands, all that is required inside the tent is this mellow light, the cool tunes it can play and its charging socket for powering up the mobile.
    Price: £39.99 from Lava Accessories
  • 3 Merge Virtual Reality Goggles
    Merge Virtual Reality Goggles
    Anyone who wants to transport themselves to another world will enjoy slipping a smartphone into the Merge VR Goggles and immersing themselves in a mobile virtual reality experience. The headset is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones less than two years old and works with any existing virtual reality apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store.
    Price: £39.99 from Game
  • 4 Multi Charger 6 In 1
    Multi Charger 6 In 1
    For those with more devices than plug sockets in their home, this powerful Multi Charger 6 in 1 channels 33W through six charging ports, enabling a combination of smartphones, tablets and other USB-charged devices to all be powered up simultaneously.
    Price: £6.97, Red 5
  • 5 Micro:Mods Kit
    Micro:Mods Kit
    Inside the Micro:Mods Kit by Tech Will Save Us is all a pre-teen needs to personalise their world using code and programmable LED lights that they can attach to anything. They can light up their bike, customise their clothes and turn their bedroom into a disco with rainbow lights.
    Price: £39.99 from Tech Will Save Us
  • 6 Avanca D1 Sports Headset
    Avanca D1 Sports Headset
    Runners and bikers will love the Avanca D1 Sports headset. Designed to stay put in the ear, they connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth device providing a permanent soundtrack to every workout.
    Price: £41.68 from Amazon
  • 7 Wallet Ninja
    Wallet Ninja
    One gadget nobody should be without is this nifty little credit-card shaped Wallet Ninja. It’s actually a mind-blowing, multi-tasking tool featuring Hex wrenches, a can opener, bottle opener, ruler, letter opener, box opener, phone stand, peeler and screwdrivers. Price: £8.99 from Prezzybox
  • 8 Sleepace Sleep Dot
    Sleepace Sleep Dot
    One for insomniacs, the Sleepace Sleep Dot sits on the corner of a pillow and monitors, tracks and analyses sleep quality. The connected Sleepace App then provides sleep guidance to the user, helping to achieve a better night’s sleep.
    Price: £24.98 from Amazon
  • 9 Google Home Mini
    Google Home Mini
    Quizzical types need a Google Home Mini in their lives. About the size of a doughnut, it’s a smart speaker that will not only play music and audio, it will also tell the weather forecast, read out a recipe and answer any questions posed to it.
    Price: £49 from Google
  • 10 Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine
    Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine
    The Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine is a coffee lover’s dream gadget and it doesn’t even need batteries. Simply keep filled with hot water and coffee grounds and an espresso can be ready within minutes, even on the go.
    Price: £49.95 from Cuckooland