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10 Sneaky Easter Egg Hunt Clues To Keep Kids Guessing

Clever clues to add some extra fun to your Easter egg hunt!

The annual Easter egg hunt is one of the highlights of childhood. To ramp up the fun and make the search for hidden treats last a little longer and be a bit more challenging, we have some suggestions for chocolate hunt clues to print out.

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You could mount the clues on egg-shaped cards, or wrap them round each egg to lead children on the chase to the next discovery.

Easy clues for little ones

Toddlers and children who aren’t confident readers will love picture cards. You could print out pictures, leave photos (perhaps with Mummy or Daddy pointing at the hiding place) or do your own drawing.

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Alternatively you can read simple clues like these out loud before they rush off to find their treats:

  • Where you brush your teeth
  • Where you sleep
  • Next to (favourite toy)....
  • Where we wash our clothes
  • Inside Daddy’s shoes.

10 Easter hunt riddles for children aged 7+

Children love the challenge of figuring out rhyming puzzles.

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1. Under the kitchen table

I have four legs
But cannot walk.
You sit at me
To use your fork

2. Behind a sofa cushion

Where do you sit to watch TV?
Oh, please hurry and find me

3. In the hallway

I hope these feet aren’t too smelly
There’s an egg hiding in a w...

4. In bed

It’s snuggly here in this b...
Look where you lay your sleepy head.

5. In a bedroom drawer

In this drawer is where I sit
Look where your pants and socks fit

6. On a window sill

This clue is tricky, that’s for certain
Is there something behind the curtains?


7. By a tree trunk

I’m really tall and leafy
And your treat is underneath me

8. Near a swing

Look for something with a seat
That doesn’t sit still when you push with your feet.

9. In the flower bed

For this next clue, you don’t need hours.
Just go looking in the flowers.

10. By the door

Wanting more?
Why not check by the back d...