21 Brilliant Buys To Get Maximum Use Out Of Your Wasted Airing Cupboard

Everything you need to create a smart, organised and stylish laundry space.
Everything you need to transform your airing cupboard into a useful space
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Everything you need to transform your airing cupboard into a useful space

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Having space for an airing cupboard in your home rather than hanging your washing out to dry and air out in your living room, bedroom or balcony is obviously bonus.

But if you are lucky enough to have such a space, working out how to maximise it be a little tricky, can’t it? Regardless of how small the area, it is possible to use it well. With the right setup and a few well thought-out storage solutions, you can transform even the tiniest of cupboards into a versatile laundry space.

To help you nail the challenge, we’ve rounded up a selection of best buys.

These expandable shelves
If your airing cupboard lacks shelving, these expandable pressure shelves are exactly what you need to utilise vertical space. T
This collapsible laundry basket
To reduce the room that a laundry basket takes up in your airing cupboard, opt for this collapsible number. It has plenty of room, is sturdy, and folds simply and quickly down for easier storage.
This best-selling eco laundry egg
Cut the cost of laundry with this space-saving eco-friendly alternative to detergent. Formulated with sensitive skin in mind, this non-bio detergent and fabric conditioner in the beads does up to 70 washes. Store it in your cupboard and it'll also keep things smelling fresh.
These fabric caddies
These soft-touch caddies are ideal for popping folded laundry into. For keeping the little bits like underwear and socks organised, they're a winner.
These hanging fragrance bags to keep your clothes fresh
Hang these handy fragrance bags in your airing cupboard to keep your clothes, linen and towels smelling freshly washed.
These vacuum pack storage bags
When you're storing away precious winter woolies for summer, or summer silks for winter, nothing beats a vacuum bag for keeping those pesky moths away. These ones are Amazon best-sellers with almost 10,000 reviews.
These space-saving hanging storage shelves
If your airing cupboard has bars in it, these foldable fabric shelves can work wonders. Simply hang them up and fill them with your essentials, from shirts to socks. No bar? How about hanging one on the back of the door instead?
These sliding storage boxes
For making using of vertical space, these clip-together sliding storage boxes are ideal. They're perfect for storing everything, but work particularly well for towels and chunky bedding.
These stylish but space saving clothes hangers
Nothing makes a cupboard look messier than mismatching hangers. These grey and rose gold ones from the Amazon Basics range are compact but chic – and the fabric covering won't damage your clothes.
These moth-busting cupboard hangers
You've vacuum packed things away but that doesn't stop the odd moth getting to your clothes. For peace of mind, hang one or more of these Lakeland MothStop! hangers inside your cupboard, that double as air fresheners.
These space-saving storage bags
Whether it's blankets, spare towels or out of season clothes, these zip-up clothes storage organisers are ideal for filling up and stashing at the bottom of your cupboard.
These pretty-as-you-like dried lavender bags
You buy herbes de Provence for your cooking. Now get these Provencal lavender bags for your laundry. Harvested last summer, these pretty purple bags will keep your linens smelling gorgeous between uses – the natural way.
This back-of-door organiser
If your cupboard is small, you'll want to maximise space, this hanging organiser from Maxporium is just the thing. Easy to install, it's made of high-quality and breathable fabric with four pockets that will store a multitude of mess away.
These motion sensor lights
Stick these USB rechargable lights inside your cupboards, so you always have plenty of light. Featuring three lighting modes and magnetic strips for easy set up, these lights are a game-changer.
These hinged storage caddies
For easy access, these stackable, hinged lid storage containers are ideal. Pop them in your cupboard and fill them with anything you need easy access to, from towels to spare bedding.
This cute vintage-style laundry sign
Need a way to keep children out and stop guests thinking your cupboard is the loo. Look no further than this cute farmhouse-style sign in its wooden frame, which will add lovely vintage vibes to an otherwise utilitarian space.
These handy storage baskets
Ideal for storing clean underwear, socks, and wash cloths, these little baskets will help keep your airing cupboard shelves neat and organised.
These natural cedarwood moth repellents
The eco-friendly and 100% natural rings are made from Eastern red cedar wood that naturally repels moths, and diminishes mustiness and moisture. These slip under jumpers and between sheets and towels to keep moths out with none of the chemically smell of moth balls.
These seagrass belly baskets
For storing rolled up towels or bedding, these woven baskets work wonderfully. They also look super chic and stylish.
The Pursuit of Love
Bear with us here, but if you caught the recent BBC adaptation of this classic, you'll know that the airing – or Hons – cupboard is where its main characters have all their most important conversations. If yours is bigger enough to crawl into, why not read this book there, too.
This highly relatable print
Feeling overwhelmed by the piles of dry laundry to fold and pack away. Frame this print on the wall inside or outside your airing cupboard and at least have a chuckle each time you see it. We've all been there!

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