02/01/2019 06:00 GMT | Updated 02/01/2019 06:00 GMT

12 Stylish Pieces All Stationery Addicts Will Want To Kickstart 2019

Because with January comes goals, and goals need lists.

Anyone with a drawer full of unused notepads – because they love buying them but haven’t found uses for them *just* yet – will know January is yet another perfect time to splash out on a new cupboard-full of stationery.

Because with January comes goals, and with goals come lists, and with lists comes new notepads, pens, highlighters, and a new pencil case. Obviously. 

Clip On


Night Sky Stationery Set, Paperchase, £12

You can’t kick off the year without the essentials. These come in the form of sticky notes, pencils, and fancy clips – gather those scraps of paper lying around with you to-do lists on and clip them in your new journal. 

Buy it here. 

Plan Away


2019 Compact Weekly, Amelia Lane, £28

How do people get anything done without a diary? Many use their phones, but we’re fans of the old-school pen and paper method. Seeing as you’re going to be using it for a whole year, you might as well splash out on a fancy one. This does just the trick.  

Buy it here

Light Up


Neon Highlighters – Set Of 6, Paperchase, £3.50

Make the important bits of your scribbles stand out with neon-coloured highlighters – because even boring notes look more fun with colour. 

Buy it here.

Goal Setting


Weekly Goals Planner, Welljoy Shop, £7.49

The perfect addition to your desk at work, or to use at home for some self-care type goals. Monday’s goal? Eight hours sleep. Tuesday’s? An hour-long bath. 

Buy it here.

Stop Procrastinating 


Pencil Set, Oh Deer, £5.95 (was £8.95)

Pencils with a bit of sass and inspirational quotes to get you going when you really just want to stay in bed. 

Buy it here.

Hobby Ahead


Personalised Journal Scrapbook, Normadorothy, £28

If you’ve set yourself a new goal this year, keep track of it in one of these personalised journals. Write down how it’s going and reflect on the difficulties, or stick photos to show what you’ve accomplished. 

Buy it here.

Pen Pals


Pen In A Box, Wilko, £2.50

Every stationery addict needs a pen. You know, the pen. The one that writes really smoothly, is always in your bag, never leaves your side. This could be it. 

Buy it here. 

Lists, Glorious Lists


A5 To-Do List Pad, Sadler Jones, £6

You’ve got this, you really have. If your list of things to do is as long as your arm, don’t actually get cracking on getting it done – write it all down instead. 

Buy it here.

Stick It


Sticky Notes Set, Bando, £10.50

Stick them on your diary, notepad, the computer screen, your laptop bag, anywhere and everywhere. There’s no way you’ll forget to buy that birthday card with all these reminders. 

Buy it here

Pencils In Style


Luxury Leather Tassel Pencil Case, Hello Day, £22

This pencil case looks so fancy we almost want to use it as a makeup bag, purse, or a pouch for our keys and cards. Keep all the best pens in here so you’re not scrambling around in your handbag every time you need to find one.

Buy it here

Tape It Up


Washi Tape Set, Ponderlily, £10

Every journaller will know that washi tape makes everything prettier. Yes, you might be writing a boring list about the admin jobs to do round the house, but if you decorate the page with tape, it’s so much more pleasing to the eye. 

Buy it here

Snooze You Lose


Cat A5 Notepad, Oh Deer, £5.95

What do you need to get done before you take a nap today? List it all here, then reward yourselves with a snooze. Zzz.

Buy it here.