09/10/2017 09:55 BST | Updated 24/01/2018 16:42 GMT

13 Pictures By Instagrammers Inspire Us To Do Business Travel Differently

Take your cozzie...

You may think business travel is all about the hotel miniatures and working on your laptop until the wee hours, but some people know how to think outside the box. 

The key to not feeling overwhelmed, or that your entire trip consisted of the airport, hotel and meeting rooms, is to find little moments to yourself when you can indulge, relax or blow off steam.

Carla Buzasi, Global Chief Content Officer at trends forecaster WGSN travels a ton for business, and she loves to snap interiors and design details. 

"I transfer them over to my Pinterest boards once I'm home," she says. "Aside from that, it's about spotting little memory joggers. It's really easy to get worn down by lots of work travel, but when I look back over all my photos, it's a good reminder about how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to travel all over the world."

And even if you don’t have a ton of time, that doesn’t mean you can’t quickly find some beautiful, Instagrammable wall to make it seem like you’re living the life of of a legend. 

Here are some Instagrammers who know how to do it in style - whether that’s a cheeky drink or artfully arranged selfies that make your loved ones believe you’re living it up instead of staring at a Powerpoint presentation. 

Let there be drinks...

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Especially ones with bubbles...

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Even non-alcoholic ones...

Work-life balance  

And if you don’t want to fake it, take the plunge

Get a room with a view

Squeeze in a lie-in where you can...

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Take time-out to read (something non work-related)

Refuel in the best possible way...

And then go for a walk after ESPECIALLY IF THERE’S A BEACH...

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Work hard, play hard

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Squeeze in a workout

And don’t forget your micro-pig...