12/06/2018 15:56 BST | Updated 04/12/2018 16:33 GMT

16 Empowering Affirmations For Being Your Own Self-Champion

Back yourself!

Tim Robberts via Getty Images

Much is said about the importance of having a good network or someone who will advocate for you. But there may be times when you have to be your own cheerleader, and your own champion. 

At the very least, being your own champion nips one potentially destructive habit in the bud: seeking validation from others. Being able to self-validate, especially when you’re feeling low, can help you overcome a number of things such as shame and loneliness.

Siobhan Kangataran, author, coach and founder of ToGetHer Further finds that doing them regularly helps. 

“Affirmations are a useful, effective way of counteracting the negative thoughts that can bubble up within us and become overwhelming if we don’t consciously choose to let them go. I believe the way we work affects the way we live, and vice versa, so if you have a tendency towards negative or anxious thoughts, then affirmations can help you to reset and refocus both at home and in the office.   

Being able to self-love and self-champion also enables you to recover from perceived failure more quickly. Because it makes you more grounded and rooted – and your sense of self worth is not just based on what someone else thinks of you – it’s easier to formulate your Plan B.

There are lots of tools to help with being your own self-champion. Siobhan recommends: “the Reminders app on my iPhone,” she says, “to send myself positive messages throughout the day - from reminders to express gratitude for the good fortune in my life, to specific goals I want to achieve, or simply the reassurance that “I am exactly where I am supposed to be”, which I find useful on both a personal and professional basis.”

Affirmations can be an incredibly important part of it because they tap into what you already feel and they articulate what you want to be. Even the act of simply repeating it over and over can help.

What makes a good affirmation? Sometimes it can be as simple as saying: “I work hard and I do a good job.” And sometimes you might need it to tap into a deeper, emotional need such as: “I have worth, I am loved, I am respected.” Affirmations also work best in the present tense, as they feel more dynamic.

Tanya Hall, CEO for Greenleaf Book Group says: “They can be self-focused (“No more zero days”) or outward-focused (“I appreciate my job and the people I work with”), and, when repeated, they can adjust your subconscious mind to think more positively.” 

Here are some inspiring affirmations to get you on your way:

  1. “I play a big role in my own career success.”

  2. “I ask for and do meaningful, wonderful and rewarding work.”

  3. “I engage in work that impacts this world positively.”

  4. “I believe in my ability to change the world with the work that I do.”

  5. “There is a great reason this is unfolding before me now.”

  6. “I have the smarts and the ability to get through this.”

  7. “I have found the right work for me, at the right place, and I work with people I like.”

  8. “I am attracting the right work into my life.”

  9. “I act, think, feel and perform like a champion, because I am.”

  10. “I will do whatever it takes to achieve my goals, I will take the path less travelled and do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what they can’t.”

  11. “I have everything I need to create my own opportunities.”

  12. “I accept me as I am, and release the need for approval.”

  13. “I am free to evolve and release anything that takes away from my growth.”

  14. “I don’t need to be the loudest voice in the room to have an impact.”

  15. “Career to me is a means to an end. That end is happiness and fulfillment of potential and my career is providing it to me in abundance.”

  16. “My mistakes do not define me or dictate my future success.”