16 Things Only University Of East Anglia Students Will Understand

Oh, UEA is wonderful.

1. You know what “the 5 Ls” are.

And you know at least one person who claims to have ticked them off.

2. A smoothie from Unio is the best motivation to get up for a 9am lecture.

3. It took you ages to work out what LCR stands for.

Bassjam kicked off. See if you can find me.

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Lower Common Room, if you’re interested.

4. Pimp My Barrow is the best day on the uni calendar.

5. Closely followed by Derby Day.

Too bad Essex Uni - better luck next year. (Lol, who are you kidding?)

6. Outsiders say campus is ugly, but any true UEA student knows it has a certain charm.

Norfolk's Mayan Architecture 🌤 #norwich #OhUEA #ziggurats

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The Ziggurats are iconic.

7. And the lake is seriously beautiful.

7. The Waffle House has the best brunch/lunch/ dinner food (any time of day, really) in the whole city.

I'm in heaven #wafflehouse

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Apple and cinnamon, am I right?

8. You have not known true frustration until a packed number 25 bus drives straight past you when you’re running late for a seminar.

9. The only place worth living is the Golden Triangle.

Shout out to my Unthank Road brothers and sisters.

10. The market in the city centre is adorable.

<strong>Just. So. Cute. </strong>
Just. So. Cute.
Pierre Terre

Even if some of the stalls are a bit random.

11. Norwich is an amazing place to live if you love history.

<strong>This place is incredible</strong>
This place is incredible

A castle and two cathedrals - does it get better than that?

12. You will get lost in the Arts building at least once a semester.

<strong>A maze of seminar rooms. </strong>
A maze of seminar rooms.
N Chadwick

Seriously, all the corridors look the same.

13. The wind-up shelves on the bottom floor of the library are simultaneously amazing and terrifying.

14. A post-LCR burger from The Shop is the best way to end a night out.

15. Unless you want to go to Ipswich, it takes forever to get anywhere from Norwich.

<strong>But the train station is beautiful</strong>
But the train station is beautiful

16. But why would you want to leave UEA anyway?

Is there a pot of gold in the Ziggurats? 🌈 #heyuea #universityofeastanglia #uea #norwich #norfolk #rainbow #ziggurats

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