15/12/2016 18:24 GMT | Updated 16/12/2016 11:09 GMT

16 Things Only University Of East Anglia Students Will Understand

Oh, UEA is wonderful.

 1. You know what “the 5 Ls” are. 

And you know at least one person who claims to have ticked them off. 


2. A smoothie from Unio is the best motivation to get up for a 9am lecture. 


3. It took you ages to work out what LCR stands for.

Bassjam kicked off. See if you can find me.

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Lower Common Room, if you’re interested. 


4. Pimp My Barrow is the best day on the uni calendar.  


5. Closely followed by Derby Day. 

Too bad Essex Uni - better luck next year. (Lol, who are you kidding?) 


6. Outsiders say campus is ugly, but any true UEA student knows it has a certain charm. 

Norfolk's Mayan Architecture 🌤 #norwich #OhUEA #ziggurats

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The Ziggurats are iconic. 


7. And the lake is seriously beautiful.  


7. The Waffle House has the best brunch/lunch/ dinner food (any time of day, really) in the whole city. 

I'm in heaven #wafflehouse

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Apple and cinnamon, am I right? 


8. You have not known true frustration until a packed number 25 bus drives straight past you when you’re running late for a seminar. 

9. The only place worth living is the Golden Triangle. 

Shout out to my Unthank Road brothers and sisters. 


10. The market in the city centre is adorable. 

Pierre Terre
Just. So. Cute. 

Even if some of the stalls are a bit random.


11. Norwich is an amazing place to live if you love history. 

This place is incredible

A castle and two cathedrals - does it get better than that? 


12. You will get lost in the Arts building at least once a semester. 

N Chadwick
A maze of seminar rooms. 

Seriously, all the corridors look the same. 


13. The wind-up shelves on the bottom floor of the library are simultaneously amazing and terrifying.  


14. A post-LCR burger from The Shop is the best way to end a night out.  


15. Unless you want to go to Ipswich, it takes forever to get anywhere from Norwich.  

But the train station is beautiful


16. But why would you want to leave UEA anyway?  

Is there a pot of gold in the Ziggurats? 🌈 #heyuea #universityofeastanglia #uea #norwich #norfolk #rainbow #ziggurats

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