20 Most Picturesque Places To Move To In The UK

Thinking of moving house? These locations are the most Instagram-worthy.

Lockdown has made us reassess the way we see our homes. Having spent more than 18 months being cooped up inside, many of us are considering a change of scenery.

More than a quarter of UK homeowners (29%) say they want to move house this year to get more outside space, according to the newest Home Improvement Trends Report from the tradesperson site Rated People. A quarter (25%) also want a bigger home.

And what better place to move than somewhere that is Instagram-worthy?

As part of the report, researchers analysed Instagram hashtag data for over 500 towns and cities in the UK and compared this with each place’s population size, to reveal the locations that people want to photograph the most.

Durham is seen as the most Intstagram-worthy place to live as it’s surrounded by the River Wear and boasts a beautiful romanesque cathedral. Over 2.5 million photos of Durham have been shared on Instagram, even though the population is just over 50,000 people. That means for every person there are 50 photos shared online, making it the UK’s most photographed city.

Cornish surfing town Newquay makes the list as the second most scenic place in the UK, with 42 photos shared per capita, and Stamford in Lincolnshire is third, with 32 photos.

If you’re thinking about moving or visiting somewhere new, here are 20 of the most picturesque places.

1. Durham, 2,601,061 Instagram photos

2. Newquay, 909,883 Instagram photos

3. Stamford, 653,624 Instagram photos

4. Scarborough, 1,901,394 Instagram photos

5. Manchester, 16,468,992 Instagram photos

6. Brighton, 7,075,737 Instagram photos

7. Cambridge, 4,319,044 Instagram photos

8. Falmouth, 684,587 Instagram photos

9. York, 4,554,540 Instagram photos

10. Warwick, 851,832 Instagram photos

11. Merseyside, Liverpool 14,833,871 Instagram photos

12. Oxford, 146,065 Instagram photos

13. Tyne and Wear, Newcastle upon Tyne, 5,646,656 Instagram photos

14. Edinburgh, 9,581,542 Instagram photos

15. London, 150,696,691 Instagram photos

16. Ely, Cambridgeshire, 335,558 Instagram photos

17. Canterbury, Kent, 1,028,006 Instagram photos

18. Devon, 822,303, Instagram photos

19. Margate, Kent, 870,828 Instagram photos

20. Inverness, Highland, 621,240 Instagram photos