20 Tweets That Totally Sum Up Life As A New Parent

Why won't my baby stop crying? 😭😭😭

Sleep. Eat. Poop. Repeat. That’s all newborn babies do, right?

Ahh, life as a new parent – incredibly challenging but utterly rewarding. Really. There’s the crying (you and the baby), the endless hours spent staring at your little one, the sobs of “but you’ve grown so much”, and, of course, the realisation that the exhaustion is totally worth it.

Here are 20 tweets that you’ll no doubt totally relate to if you’re a new parent.

You Really Are Making It Up As You Go Along

You’re Forever Shocked How Quickly Your Baby Is Growing

You Waste Hours (And Hours) Just Watching Them

But You Have No Idea Why They Won’t Stop Crying

You Feel Like You’ll Never Get Used To Changing Nappies

But Then You Find A Way To Make It Work

You. Are. Exhausted.

But, You Know It’s All Worth It (Right... RIGHT?)