5 Quotes From Norma Gigaba's Incredible Interview With eNCA

Now we know who picks out our minister of finance's suits ...

Nomachule Gigaba married Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba in 2014 and the couple's marriage has been rocked by several scandals. In an interview with eNCA, she walked back over some of that difficult ground.

She does not use taxpayer's money to support her lifestyle

"When I met Malusi, I already had my own things. Remember the scandal about my sneakers? I bought those sneakers [with my own money] and Malusi was not even there. I like things. I can't allow people to move me because this is who I am... When I go on Twitter, I can tell that a lot of people don't know that I'm working. They don't even know that this woman is an IT specialist. They think I'm a trophy wife who just sits there, taking Malusi's money and looking pretty."

She was very involved in Malusi's work at Home Affairs

"I felt like I was working at Home Affairs because every day I was doing people's passports and everything... [After he received the news that he would be the new finance minister], he was shocked, but he was more worried about Home Affairs... because we did the transformation together, of technology. I wanted to help him. There were long queues at Home Affairs, and I know IT, and I know that their system is very low, so how do you [speed it up]?

She picks his suits

"I always feel bad when people say 'Oh, amasudu akhe!' But that's me. I want him to look good. It's good for him to look good. Look at Madiba, look at Obama. They look good, and it's a sign of good manners."

Why she went after the woman who had the alleged affair with her husband

"If you decide to go into the water, don't drag me into the water. Just drink alone, or drown alone. When you were having fun, you didn't contact me then, so I responded to those messages in that way. So they were screengrabbed and sent to the media. People were saying 'How can she say this as a minister's wife?' For me, I didn't care who was saying what, this was my husband. I'm the one he made vows to and I had to take care of the situation... This is my house. I told myself that nobody would take me out of it, even if 99% of the people of South Africa would believe that Noma must leave, but I made the vows. I will leave on my own terms if I have to leave. Also, I will fight my husband on my own terms. I waited for the right time to ask him what happened."

And she doesn't regret anything she said to her

I can still say the same thing tomorrow. And in the next 50 years. Because this is my family, you can do anything [to me], but don't touch my family. Because it's my responsibility to protect my family.

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