02/11/2018 06:00 GMT | Updated 02/11/2018 06:00 GMT

7 Retro Record Players That Will Get You In The Groove

Play that funky music.

The process of slipping a vinyl out of it’s sleeve while eyeing the huge album artwork, then popping it on your record player for a good old dance-sesh, makes music feel like an interactive activity again. While your record’s spinning around, you are too.

Vinyl sales have been on the rise since the late noughties and consequently record players have made a retro addition to Christmas and birthday wish lists. Turntables make a great gift, either for the closest of loved-ones or for yourself, so here are seven old-school record players to get your groove on to.

Urban Outfitters

This briefcase-style record player is a great choice and comes in a massive range of colours (baby pink down to £60, don’t mind if I do).

This Crosley mint green is a classic though, and is portable, and can connect to bluetooth. Looks old, but is pretty techy.

Urban Outfitters, £89.00


With USB, MP3 and full-range stereo speakers, this adorable turntable definitely has legs.

Amazon, £131


More compact and less old school, you can buy this player on the cheap at your local Aldi. EnVivo’s turntable can also convert tracks to MP3/WAV files – make your vinyl transferable.

Aldi, £49.99


Cute and portable, this retro record player bears a striking resemblance to our first pick, at a pretty much unbeatable price. With an average of nearly five stars, customers say the quality of this player is perfect for anyone who just needs a turntable that does the job reliably. Not for vinyl enthusiasts, but great for the average listener.

Argos, £19.99


This record player is a sleek soft-goth addition to your living room. It also converts to digital. With an inbuilt CD player, cassette player, and FM radio, this dark horse can also play music off your phone. Pass the aux cable please.

Currys, £149.99


This uber-retro 1950′s style record player is a glossy statement piece for your living room. With aux input, a CD player, FM Radio, and USB convertibility, it’s worth bearing in mind this is the only player listed with only one speed. 

Argos, £109.99 


This gorgeous, darker mint green turntable has a twin stereo speaker and also makes records convertible via USB. With bluetooth connectivity, and a rechargeable battery, this player is truly portable and great for barbeques, camping trips, and anywhere you want to listen to tunes on the go.

Cuckooland, £98


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