8 Unique Mother's Day Gifts On Etsy She's Bound To Love

Because mums deserve it.

If you’re looking to break from the tradition of flowers this Mother’s Day, Etsy has your back.

Its independent sellers stock gifts in all shapes, sizes and budgets that can be delivered to your (or your mum’s door) before the 31 March.

Here are eight of our favourite unusual items that you (probably) won’t find on the high street.

Personalised Mothers Day Print, Personalisednpretty, Etsy, £8.50

We adore this print, which can be customised to best represent you and your mum with a selection of hairstyles, skin tones and even drinks available.

Buy it here.

Sleep Spa Collection – Lavender and Chamomile Natural Scented Soy Wax Candle & Dead Sea Bath Salt, Ethereal Scents UK, Etsy, £11.19

Everyone knows parents are short on sleep. So whether you’ve got a younger sibling keeping your mum up, or you’re giving her restless nights even as an adult, give her a break with this candle and bath salts combo.

Buy it here.

‘I Am Not A Regular Mum’ Make Up Bag, Little Things By Lucy, Etsy, £12.50

Inspired by Amy Poehler’s infamous line in Mean Girls, this bag is the ultimate gift for any mum who’s determined to identify as a ‘cool mum’. Each bag is handmade, so the seller provides the option of changing the message to something totally unique if you wish.

Buy it here.

Leaf Necklace, Olive Bella, Etsy, £32.33

Instead of buying fresh flowers, splash a little extra on this pressed leaf pendant that’ll last far longer. We love the gold-plated hexagon-shaped case and the fact that each necklace will be slightly different.

Buy it here.

Mum On The Run Sports Bottle, Claire Close, Etsy, £19.99

Available in white or silver, this water bottle is perfect for sporty mums who love to run. Send her off for a jog while you prepare the lunch for extra Brownie points.

Buy it here.

Mama Sweater, CBInteriors Cheshire, Etsy, £19.99

Every busy mum needs a comfy but stylish sweatshirt that can be thrown on at a moment’s notice. If you prefer you can also have the word ‘Mama’ switched out for something more personalised, like your mum’s initials - just drop the seller a message.

Buy it here.

Proud Member Of The Motherhood Mug, Claire Close, Etsy, £12.00

Mother’s Day mugs from the supermarket can sometimes be a little garish. But this understated, feminist design gets a thumbs up from us.

Buy it here.

Mother’s Day Sterling Silver Button Earrings, Porky Penguin Gifts, Etsy, £14.50

These versatile earrings are a perfect diddy gift. Add your name and a personalised message and your mum will know you’ve gone to that extra effort.

Buy them here.

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