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8 Ways To Create Traditions Your Kids Will Cherish

How to create family Christmas memories that will last a lifetime.
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Creating your own Christmas traditions is one of the joys of having your own family. Shared memories bind you together and when you can say “this is what we always do in our family” it gives your children a strong sense of belonging.

Children love the tempo of a traditional Christmas and knowing what’s going to happen next - from opening stockings first thing in the morning to tucking into turkey and all the trimmings for lunch.

When you start your first Christmases as a young family, it’s an opportunity to begin new festive customs and merge yours and your partner’s own parents’ traditions to create something unique to your new family.

You might have a favourite song list you always play while putting up decorations, always go for hot chocolate together before choosing the Christmas tree or prefer eating a special chocolate pudding than Christmas pud; what’s certain is that your children will look back with fond nostalgia on Christmases past while counting down excitedly to this year’s celebrations.

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