8 Innovative Ways To Organise Your Home With Your Photos

Turn your home into a real-life Insta feed

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we all know some photos are worth so much more than that - they’re memories to cherish and the best artwork you can possibly hang on your walls.

So what about photos that make a statement in your home and help you get organised? Yes, please.

These days, most of the photos we take live in our smartphones or social media accounts. But with a high-quality printer, all of those firsts, adventures and unforgettable moments can be printed and transformed into something useful, that helps you organise your home - and your life.

Unleash your inner craft whiz and soon you’ll be making scrapbooks of your favourite trips or recipes, using photos to streamline your wardrobe storage, or sticking those loose bits of paper you’d otherwise lose onto your fridge with photo magnets. Here are a few quick, easy and innovative ideas to get you started...

Outfit organiser
As Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City and Cher Horowitz in Clueless continue to demonstrate, the thrill of a beautifully curated wardrobe is hard to beat. The good news? You don't need to be a fictional millionairess to create a super-organised haven for your clothes: just take pics of your wardrobe staples, like in this tutorial from HP Instant Ink's Tumblr site, print them out, and stick them to a board painted with chalkboard paint or the inside your wardrobe door to organise what you're going to wear. Bonus points if you also create an inspiration board for yourself while you're at it.

In theory, this is a time-saving solution for busy mornings as well, but we can't guarantee you won't want to be spending every spare moment in your new glammed-up space. Who knew you actually owned all of this stylish stuff?
Instagram Cabinet
Crafts by Amanda
Turning your organisational spaces - wardrobes, cabinets, even fridges - into display areas for your prized photos can be inspirational. It's also a great way to bring your beautiful curated Instagram page to life. Check out Crafts by Amanda to see how easy it is to recreate this eye-catching Instagram cabinet display. Getting organised never looked so good.
DIY photo wall
In need of a home decor update? Then why not organise a room around a photo wall, which creates a statement feature that's more interesting than a paint job and more personalised than wallpaper. It's a genius way to make sure you can print and display some of the thousands of photos you have on your smartphone of kids, family members and friends in all manner of charming, sweet and silly poses, instead of just showcasing a few key pictures. Check out how Carla at Small + Friendly made hers for inspo.
DIY Tumblr-inspired notebooks
Because how can our homes be organised if our lives aren't? These Tumblr-style notebooks from Life Ann Style are perfect for keeping track of goals, dreams... and doctor's appointments. Choose your favourite inspirational pics for the cover to help give your notebook a theme, like your utterly unforgettable diving adventures in Bali last summer or all of the milestones in your little one's first year.
Vintage Mod Podge photo vases
Fun fact: with a bit of creativity (and a helpful online tutorial), your favourite photos can be transferred onto virtually any surface. These vintage-style photo transfer vases from Mod Podge Rocks make a style statement in any room - and are useful to boot. Since you can transfer your pics onto various surfaces - old Mason jars, glass bottles, vases - these also serve a variety of organisational needs, from floral and nature displays in the sitting room to housing stationery, craft supplies or sweets.
Photo fridge magnets
Keep track of tickets, school forms and other miscellany by turning your best photos into fridge magnets. Miss Freddy shows us how it's done. Kitchen organisation doesn't get any simpler. Or cuter.
Photo-labelled shoe or storage boxes
Bob Barkany via Getty Images
In the era of Pinterest and Instagram, there's no excuse for your storage solutions not to be as stylish as the rest of your life. Or even more stylish, in fact. A simple technique that will make your wardrobe look instantly more appealing - and help you figure out what shoes you actually own? Take a picture of your shoe wardrobe and store shoes in clear plastic or cardboard boxes with printed photos acting as labels for what's inside. This also works for bag storage, other fashion accessories and children's toys.
Family picture collage coffee table
Your beloved family photos can also be used to give your old furniture a new lease on life. Old doors and window frames can be upcycled into shabby-chic picture frames, while a tired set of cabinets or coffee table get an instant personality injection with some collage/decoupage work - see how it's done at One Mom With A Mission. This also works well for giving older children a bespoke update to their functional furnishings - like that desk you really need them to do their homework on.

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