9 Times People Had Way Too Much Time On Their Hands This Week

And we thank them for it.

It’s been a l-o-n-g seven days, but in amongst the doom and gloom there was some much-needed distraction from the real world to be found over the last week.

People (including quite a few celebs) with waaaay too much time on their hands (yeah, us too) and a good dose of cabin fever have been channeling all of those extra hours at home into some seriously creative nonsense for the rest of us.


Liam Gallagher reminding us all to keep washing our hands was peak Liam Gallagher

Meanwhile, Keren from Bananarama has used her time in isolation to take up a new instrument

And it didn’t take long for a fan to add the new intro of Cruel Summer to the original video...

Not everyone was a fan of *that* A-list version of Imagine. Especially Joe Lycett Hugo Boss

And this guy has had it with well-meaning celebrities too...

‘BBC Dad’ returned to our screens but this time the whole family were officially invited (and yes, it was chaos again)


Meanwhile on ITV...

And finally, Courteney Cox lost 0-5 in a quiz all about... Friends