16/08/2018 11:34 BST | Updated 16/08/2018 14:29 BST

A-level Results Day 2018: The Funniest Tweets

"Prince Harry got a D and B. He flew helicopter for a living and married Meghan Markle. You can do anything."

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For teenagers up and down the country, A-level results day is (obviously) a big deal.

Not only does it mean finding out just how well you’ve been doing for the past two years, but for many students, it decides what the future holds too.

So, what do the rest of us do as teenagers await those all-important stats and prepare themselves for the next chapter? Attempt to be funny on Twitter, of course.

Thankfully, the students themselves aren’t the butt of the jokes as plenty of public figures – who should know better – are ready to be ridiculed for their input. 

Exhibit A: 

Clarkson sends a tweet along these lines every, single year. Everyone is bored of it: 

Silly takes on this format are better than any of the tweets sent with sincerity: 

A special mention goes to Jake Humprey, who still can’t get his story straight: 

Then there’s the jokey advice that is actually depressingly accurate:

Admittedly, the last one might not happen but still. The rest are all true.

Spare a thought for the teachers on Twitter, though. They haven’t worked this hard just to see snarky celebrities undermine the day, ok? 

If you know a college or sixth form teacher, please buy them a drink today.