A Syrian Medic Who Risked His Life To Save A Baby Is Now Fighting For His Own

This is the moment a medic clambers up to the top of a building that’s almost wholly collapsed to rescue a mother and baby.

The heroic incident took place in April, but Ahmad is now fighting for his life in hospital, after another barrel bomb attack on Eastern Aleppo on Thursday morning.

The 25-year-old, who works for Syrian charity Shafak, was at home, trying to put out a fire on his balcony from another attack when the bomb hit.

A total of 17 airstrikes hit the neighbourhood in one morning alone.

Hassan, the field coordinator for Shafak, which partners with Save the Children, said: “Ahmad was preparing to come to work when his building was hit with a phosphorous bomb, which caused a fire.

“So he tried to put the fire out and while he was doing so, a barrel bomb fell and he was hit with shrapnel. He fell on the phosphorous and got burned.”

Ahmad is one of just eight medics working in four ambulances in eastern Aleppo. Four other vehicles were damaged or destroyed in recent attacks, and Shafak’s office was bombed in April.

Ahmad is due to be a father for the first time, and his wife is heavily pregnant.

Hassan added: “He [Ahmad] said to me:

'The baby’s things I bought yesterday are all gone; it’s all burnt.’ His words really affected me."

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