Survivors Of Abuse Dress Up As Superheroes To Empower Other Women

'I'm no longer a victim.'

According to the World Health Organisation one in three women worldwide has experienced either physical or sexual violence in her lifetime.

Most of this abuse is carried out by an intimate partner behind closed doors, meaning it's all too easily ignored by those of us on the outside.

Clearly something needs to change and that's where Women Speak comes in.

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The movement aims to ensure violence against women is on all of our radars by empowering women who have experienced abuse to speak out.

The group's latest project, called #supersheroes, sees women who have left abusive relationships tell their stories.

"Instead of talking about women as victims, we wanted to portray them as #supersheroes," the Women Speak founders told HelloGiggles.

"Our movement wanted to empower women who were brave enough to exit violent relationships."

The campaign group visited the Vilnius Crisis Centre in Lithuania to find women to participate in their latest project.

The centre offers a safe house for women who have experienced gender-based violence.

According to Women Speak, the photoshoot itself was an empowering experience for the women involved.

"At first, these women wanted to wear masks during the shoot with photographer Neringa Rekasiute, but they all realised they wanted to be without them," they said.

"It was such wonderful moment. They strongly stand behind their messages."

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