Adults Share The Strangest Punishments Their Parents Gave Them As Kids

Nothing causes regret like embarrassment.

Adults have bee sharing the strangest punishments their parents ever gave them - and they make being sent to your room look like a walk in the park.

From banning a child from petting their favourite cat to making siblings walk around in one giant t-shirt, these mums and dads sure got creative.

One thing’s for sure, nothing teaches a child good manners like an fashioned dose of embarrassment.

Here are just a few of their bizarre tactics.

The ‘Pet Ban’ Punishment

“When I was 12, I had two cats and an English mastiff. One week I didn’t practice the piano as much as I was supposed to, so I was grounded from petting or hugging both the English mastiff and any of the cats. My mum actually followed me around to make sure I didn’t. I still had to take care of them though...” - thegiantcat1

The ‘Sneaky Dad’ Punishment

“My brother and I got in trouble for not cleaning our room. It was pretty standard for my parents to take away our Nintendo or Playstation when we were in trouble but i found this particular one pretty clever.

“My dad told us we could have the games back when we cleaned the rooms for real and didn’t shove everything under our beds. We of course shoved everything under the beds and ran to my dad saying “It’s all clean, can we have the Nintendo back?”

“His reply was: ‘If you did what I told you, you’d already have it back.’ It was hidden under one of our beds the whole time.” - 20kgRhesus

The ‘Silencing’ Punishment

“I was being loud and wild, like little kids do. My dad asked me to be quiet repeatedly which I promptly ignored. Fed up with my shit, he made me sit on the front porch and yell at every car that drove by. Suddenly, more than anything else in the world, I wanted to be completely silent.” - slavkody

The ‘Regret-Inducing’ Punishment

“If I slammed a door as a kid, I was to ‘open and close it 20 times, nicely.’ It actually worked pretty well as I hated looking like an idiot.” - mukkalukka22

The ‘Cringe-Worthy’ Punishment

“During my teen years if my brother or I did something wrong, my dad would take our iPods, play our favourite songs, and force us to listen as he loudly whistled to him and slapped his thighs to the beat. It was torture.” - EmbarrassedZebra

The ‘Sibling Trap’ Punishment

“My younger siblings and I were fighting. My dad made all of us get into one large t-shirt and walk around the block together. We were like 13, 9 and 8. We have framed pictures of our ‘walk of shame’ in the living room.” - Ashmullz

The ‘I’m Going To Call Your Bluff’ Punishment

“I didn’t want to eat my green beans, so my father said I either eat them or wear them. I called his bluff. Not a bluff. With a Ziploc baggy and some twine, I wore those green beans the rest of the night around my neck. They still laugh at that one.” - TheShrinkingGiant

The ‘Terrifying’ Punishment

“My mum used to threaten to put us in the cupboard with the ‘troll’ that lived in there. We heard the troll once singing his troll song so believed it was in there. We found out as adults it was my dad through the wall. Mean.” - bakeycakeyboo

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