Airline Crew Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty To Help Grieving Passenger

'I will be eternally grateful for how I was treated.'
kieferpix via Getty Images

An airline crew have warmed hearts around the world by doing all they could to help a grieving passenger.

Nikki Griffith from Wellington, New Zealand, was rushing to the gate to board her flight to Napier when she found out that her father had died.

“I collapsed in the middle of Wellington airport sobbing hysterically when a kind man stopped to ask if I was alright and yelled out for help,” she explained on Facebook.

“Another man named Jeff who I believe worked for the airline came to us and radioed for assistance. Shortly after a lovely woman called Jodie came and took me to a back room after I told her what had happened.”

In a status that’s been liked more than 33,000 times, Griffith went on to explain how the staff from Air New Zealand helped her through the difficult time.

Griffith said Jodie sat her down in an office with another member of staff called Angie.

“Angie gave me hugs and made a few phone calls for me, to make sure someone would be there to collect me in Napier as soon as my flight landed,” she said.

“Jodie returned with the water, more hugs and had also changed my seat to the very back row and had blocked off the seat next to me so I had some privacy.

"A man named Jamie came in to check if my flight had started boarding yet as well as making sure I had a bottle of water and some snacks to help with the shock.”

Griffith was personally escorted by the staff members through the back of the airport to the gate and they stayed with with her as she boarded the plane.

“A few more hugs and I was then put in the safe hands of the amazing flight attendants Rachel and Livvey (I hope I have their names right, the night was a bit of an emotional blur),” Griffith said.

“They were so kind and caring and made the flight seem to go very quickly.

“When they had a rare spare moment they would sit next to me and give me a cuddle, make sure I had eaten something as well as drinking plenty of water and tea.”

She ended the post by saying it was “an extremely tough time” for her, but it was made a lot easier by the “fantastic staff”.

“I will be eternally grateful for how I was treated and I’m sure my dad would have been so proud that his little girl was looked after in such a difficult time,” she said.

“Thank you so much Air New Zealand.”

Hundreds of people have commented on the post to praise the airline crew and send Griffith their love.

“So happy to know that humanity exists out there - such a tragic story but dealt with with such caring.” one user said.

Another added: “Such amazing people to come to your aid at such a difficult time. Well done Air NZ and so very very sorry for your loss Nikki.”