09/02/2021 09:05 GMT

Priyanka Chopra Mistakes Alan Carr For An Interior Designer In Hilarious One Show Clip

"I think what you do is such an integral part of most people’s lives. So thank you, really," Priyanka told the comedian.

Priyanka Chopra and Alan Carr’s paths crossed for the first time on Monday night, when they were both guests on The One Show.

There were some crossed wires, though, after the Hollywood star began thanking Alan for his work in the field of interior design.

During the show, Priyanka spoke to presenters Alex Jones and Ronan Keating via video-link from her home in LA, while Alan made a socially-distanced appearance in the studio.

Introducing the two guests, Alex told the White Tiger actor: “Alan here is on a show that’s all about interior design.”

Priyanka Chopra speaking from her home in California.

After a brief pause, the host joked: “I mean, he’s as surprised as anyone!”

Seemingly mistaking Alan for one of the experts rather than just the host, Priyanka then gave the comedian some heartfelt thanks for his contributions.

A very earnest Priyanka told him: “Let me tell you, we just finished doing up our house, just now, in LA. And it was the first time in about 15 years that I’ve spent time picking colours and cushions and, you know, investing in my corner.

“So I think what you do is such an integral part of most people’s lives. So thank you, really.”

Alan Carr listens politely while being thanked for his work in the world of interior design.

The team in the studio apparently decided not to set Priyanka straight about Alan’s actual role on his interior design shows, while viewers at home commented on the scene on social media:

Others jumped to Priyanka’s defence, pointing out that Alan is not necessarily an international name, and that he was introduced to her in connection with his interior designs show, rather than as a comedian or host:

Alan recently took over the helm of Interior Design Masters, which began airing its second series last week.

After being showed a clip of himself in action on The One Show, Alex had Alan laughing out loud when she commented he’d obviously been hired because of his “eye for design”.

“I’m rubbish! I’m rubbish,” he insisted.

The One Show airs every weeknight on BBC One at 7pm.