29/12/2016 11:17 GMT | Updated 29/12/2016 18:24 GMT

Alcoholics Reveal The Moment They Knew They Had A Drinking Problem

'I planned my day around drinking.'

People who suffer from alcohol addiction have revealed the moment they knew their drinking had got out of hand.

From hiding their alcohol consumption from friends and drinking alone to memory blackouts and broken relationships, the revelations posted on Reddit are both heartbreaking and eye-opening.

While some say the wake-up call prompted them to become sober, others are still hooked and, at times, drinking themselves into oblivion.

The NHS estimates that around 9% of men and 4% of women in the UK show signs of alcohol dependence, according to Alcohol Concern. However, only 1% of dependent drinkers access treatment.

Here are some of the telltale warning signs from those who have battled with alcohol dependency.

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“If I wasn’t working I’d have a drink in the morning (sign) and drink a LOT (obvious sign). Then when my SO came back I’d immediately pour us both a glass of wine to hide the fact that I had been drinking already (sign). This would happen every day I wasn’t working (sign).”


“When I started hiding my drinking. I would go to multiple parties in a night so I could drink more.”


“I drank and did drugs to celebrate a good day, and to cope with a bad day.”


“Getting mugged and having zero memory of the event because I was blacked out.”


“The night I broke into a house to call a cab ride home, which came after I was arrested for being drunk and public, which came after I wrecked my car and hitched a ride home, leaving my car unattended and broke down sitting in the middle of the road.”


“When I rather stayed home drinking alone than went out with my friends. At home there was no-one to judge me or tell me to slow down. And it was a lot cheaper.”

- Diggy-Dog

“I blame myself and alcohol addiction for my divorce. Although she was the one who got pregnant by another guy... But, I think my alcoholism was the real culprit why we separated in the first place. I don’t deny my problems are because of alcohol, or maybe I just haven’t really hit rock bottom yet to scare me away from it.”


“Meeting people that didn’t drink pissed me off. At the time I had no idea why I was upset and often tried to convince them to drink.”


“I planned my day around drinking, 5pm meant it was time to drink, no drink in hand was a problem.”


“I’d say I was only going to drink on the weekends, but then weekends started to mean Thursday night and Sunday night too. Being still drunk at a 9am meeting on Monday.”


“Kept a bottle sitting by the bed every night.”


“Drinking because you want to sleep, but no longer can.”


Please drink responsibly. For independent alcohol advice, information and tools visit Drinkaware.