Watch: All The Political Leaders Jacob Rees-Mogg Has Backed Since Brexit

Is this the most pragmatic man in politics?
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Is this the most pragmatic man in politics?

Jacob Rees-Mogg has extraordinary adaptive skills - surely key to survival in today’s uncertain political landscape - and last night’s TV showed them off to the max.

Here he is on BBC 2’s “Brexit: A Very British Coup?”, pledging allegiance to Boris Johnson, “an extraordinarily capable politician”:

Here he is on the same programme, having always wanted Michael Gove to be leader:

And here he is, a “complete convert” to Theresa May:

Now here is Rees-Mogg on Question Time, later last night, explaining why he is getting behind Trump:

And finally here he is reading the news on the Simpsons: