27/10/2017 01:57 BST

19 Alternative Wedding Bouquet Ideas That Don't Even Involve Flowers

For brides who think outside the box.

Brides these days are really letting the creative juices flow when it comes to choosing their wedding bouquets.

With arrangements made from things like paper, Legos, brooches and even Taco Bell sauce packets, actual flowers are no longer a must. Below, 19 out-of-the-box ideas that will appeal to the non-traditional bride. 

  • 1 This Lego bouquet
  • 2 This crochet bouquet
    Elizabeth Burgi Photography
  • 3 This paper bouquet
  • 4 Or this one
    Mike Olbinski Photography
  • 5 This brooch bouquet
    Ilene Squires Photography
  • 6 These pineapple bouquets
    Love and Water Photography
  • 7 This painted clay bouquet
    Jonas Seaman Photography
  • 8 This one made from pages of a Harry Potter book
    Lasko Visuals | Emma Gavelis
  • 9 This Taco Bell sauce packet bouquet
    Taco Bell
  • 10 This felt bouquet
    Something Turquoise
  • 11 This feather bouquet
    Aurelia D'Amore
  • 12 This lollipop bouquet
    State Fair Floral
  • 13 This pinwheel bouquet
    Aurelia D'Amore Photography
  • 14 These puppy bouquets
  • 15 This donut hole bouquet
    Tim Hortons
  • 16 This button bouquet
  • 17 These fan bouquets
    L Hewitt Photography
  • 18 This sheet music bouquet
    Kate and Keith Photography
  • 19 This seashell bouquet
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