21/06/2020 08:22 BST | Updated 21/06/2020 12:42 BST

34 Times Amanda Holden Was Nothing Less Than Fabulous

Oh, Mandy!

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From actor, to Britain’s Got Talent judge and Heart radio presenter, Amanda Holden has had a varied career during her near-30 years in showbiz. 

And as she’s demonstrated on Instagram in recent months, she’s one of the campest people in the biz too. 

In celebration, we’re counting up all the times she was nothing less than fabulous...

1. Let’s start with her lockdown antics, shall we? She first entertained us by taking out the bins in ballgown because she “wheelie wanted” to dress up

2. Which she then followed up with pics of her mowing her sprawling lawn in a wedding dress

3. And who could forget this hilarious make-up tutorial with her daughter Lexi?

4. As an actress, presenter, talent show judge, and full-time flawless queen, she has many talents, including this hidden one: 

Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

5. Oh, and did we mention dancer in that list?

6. One of the things Amanda is best at is oversharing, as demonstrated by this story of her crapping her pants


7. And while we’re on the topic, this moment was Peak Mandy

8. We love her womance with fellow BGT judge Alesha Dixon


9. And the fact they both refuse to be drawn into the traditional talent show narrative that the two female judges don’t get on

10. She is obsessed with her nipples

11. And she once compared them to another famous duo

12. She was the best guest-host This Morning has ever had, mainly because of all the inappropriate things she said, like this: 

13. And this:

14. Mandy always likes to play it subtle in photoshoots

A little out- take from @eventmaguk thanks to the very talented @elisabethhoffphoto

A photo posted by Amanda Holden (@noholdenback) on

15. See what we mean?


16. And she is equally understated on red carpets

Samir Hussein via Getty Images

17. She has one of the best laughs in the business 

18. And her explanation for it is even better


19. But much as she loves a laugh and a joke, Mandy does not take any shit

20. Remember when she re-enacted *that* scene from When Harry Met Sally on BGT?

21. And when she somehow managed to keep a straight face when she was introduced to her *ahem* look-a-like?

22. She isn’t afraid to experiment with big hair


23. She’s the queen of home work-outs (move over, Joe Wicks)

24. Not to mention a doctor

25. And was also responsible for our favourite celebrity-consumer crossover story of 2019

26. She always kills it with her looks on the BGT live shows

Syco / Thames / Dymond

27. And she’s not about to stop wearing low-cut dresses just because a few people complain to Ofcom


28. In fact, she’s never been shy about showing off any part of her anatomy


29. She once starred in a terrible cereal advert, but made up for it by just being extremely camp


30. Likewise, her bejewelled caftan stole the show in this yoghurt ad


31. She’s refreshingly honest about what work she’s had done


32. And she’s not afraid to let people see her without make-up


33. Which she applies in a director’s chair with ‘Mandy’ emblazoned on it

Shake it off, tousled hair for @bgt london #britainsgottalent #love #mandyschair thanks @mrvermaak

A video posted by Amanda Holden (@noholdenback) on

34. Is it any wonder this is how she describes herself?

Never change, Mandy. 

Legs eleven! @noholdenback ❤

A photo posted by Alesha Dixon (@aleshaofficial) on

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