Amanda Holden's Face Is A Picture As She Falls Victim To Mortifying April Fool's Prank

The Heart Breakfast host was led to believe she was responsible for a listener's break-up live on air.

Amanda Holden was the victim of a seriously elaborate April Fool’s Day prank during Thursday’s edition of the Heart Breakfast show.

During the show, Amanda was introduced to “Tom”, a man she was told wanted to propose to his girlfriend “Sarah” live on air – only for the couple to descend into an argument over his apparent obsession with the Britain’s Got Talent judge.

Speaking to Amanda and Jamie Theakston, Tom explained: “I’ve got a big question [to ask Sarah] – the biggest question.

“I wanted to share it with everyone… and I’m just delighted I get to share it with [Amanda], I just love Amanda.”

Amanda Holden could not mask her shock as the scene unfolded
Amanda Holden could not mask her shock as the scene unfolded

However, things took a swift nosedive when Sarah was brought into the conversation, admitting early on she’s not one for surprises or early mornings.

“See Tom has a habit of doing stuff like this, he tends to do surprises but they’re more for his benefit than mine,” she explained. “And I have a feeling that Amanda Holden might have something to do with this one.”

Despite Amanda’s attempts at getting things back on track, “Sarah” continued: “We had an argument once and broke up because he’s actually obsessed with Amanda Holden, and I was just done... It’s just an ongoing issue.

“And now you’re bringing me on live radio. I’m, like in my morning stuff and she’s looking all fab and I just look like a…”

As Amanda protested that she is “old enough to be his mummy” and doesn’t “look fab”, Tom insisted that she did, irking Sarah even further.

“Well he’s just answered it, hasn’t he?” she said. “I don’t want to meet someone on your laminated list! That’s just weird. Why would you do that to an average Joe, and then it’s to go on radio and like just… no thanks.”

Sarah then decided she’d had enough, cutting off her fake boyfriend and telling him: “I’ll just leave you to say bye to your little girlfriend.”

Unbeknown to Amanda, the whole thing was a prank at her expense
Unbeknown to Amanda, the whole thing was a prank at her expense

This was the moment Jamie then revealed the whole thing was an orchestrated stunt for April Fools Day, and that Tom and Sarah were actually actors, much to Amanda’s shock and relief.

“Oh for f…. Oh my god I felt so sick doing that!” she said. “Sarah I was dying for you.

“I was going ‘don’t be stupid, I’m old, this is so awful!’ Oh my god, thank god! Thank god! Are you married? Are you even going out with each other?”

Addressing her team, Amanda added: “I hate you Jamie Theakston! I hate all of you!”

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