20/04/2020 13:50 BST

Amanda Holden Learns Why You Shouldn't Let A 14-Year-Old Do Your Make Up In Lockdown

The Britain's Got Talent judge has delivered some more 10/10 Instagram content.

Never mind baking, reading or watching TV – constantly refreshing Amanda Holden’s Instagram is fast becoming our favourite lockdown past time. 

We’ve been waiting with baited breath to see how she would follow up the ridiculous photoshoot which showed her mowing the lawn in her wedding dress, and now we have the answer. 

The Britain’s Got Talent judge has shared a brand new make-up tutorial – but with a difference.

In a five-minute clip posted on her account, things started off normally enough, with a bare-faced Mandy sitting at her dressing table and explaining she’d learned lots of tips and tricks from her glam squad over the years. 

However, as soon as she started haphazardly smearing products over her face, it became very apparent she wasn’t in control of the tutorial at all. 

That’s because her eldest daughter Lexi, 14, actually had her hands through her mum’s top to give her a makeover she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. 

“I’m a massive fan of Picasso the artist and I like the abstract touch, I think it adds something,” Amanda joked as she had bronzer applied to her hair and lipstick smeared anywhere but her lips. 

Mandy's makeover got a little out of control

Sharing the video with her followers, Mandy wrote: “I’ve learned from the best… make up tutorial with a twist. Hands care of Lexi.”

Amanda has been sharing some 10/10 posts on Instagram since lockdown started last month. 

First, she was seen donning an evening dress to take her bins out, explaining she “wheelie wanted to dress up”, while in another post, she popped on her wedding dress and some welly boots to mow her lawn. 

She also pulled off a hilarious April Fool’s prank on her daughters by convincing them all weekends and school holidays would be cancelled when kids to eventually return to school after the coronavirus outbreak. 

Amanda is continuing to present her Heart Breakfast Show during the lockdown, travelling from her Richmond home to central London each day to wake up her listeners.

She is also back on our screens in the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent, appearing in auditions that were pre-recorded earlier this year. 

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