23/04/2020 17:19 BST | Updated 24/04/2020 12:01 BST

Amanda Holden Has Now Taken To Naked Trampolining In Lockdown – And She's Encouraging You To Have A 'Cheeky Bounce'

After having us howling with her Instagram content, the Britain's Got Talent judge has a new lockdown activity.

Having fast become the queen of lockdown content with her hilarious posts, Amanda Holden has come up with another way of keeping herself entertained amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Two words: naked trampolining. 

The Britain’s Got Talent judge has revealed she’s been stripping off for a “cheeky bounce” on her daughters’ trampoline – and she’s now encouraging you to do the same. 

Speaking on her Heart Radio Breakfast Show, Amanda said she discovered the activity after being dared by her husband, Chris Hughes. 

She told co-host Jamie Theakston: “I probably wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t a dare let me tell you.

“But my hubby dared me to strip off butt naked and jump on the trampoline in our garden.

“I was already wearing a bikini in the garden and he dared me to strip off, so I did. And I jumped on my child’s trampoline totally naked.

She continued: “Do you know what? It was totally liberating, and so much fun.

“I would encourage anyone at home to strip off and have a cheeky bounce.

“Maybe this can be the new TikTok challenge”.

So far, Mandy has kept evidence of her nude bouncing off the internet, but given the ridiculousness of some of her most recent posts, who knows if that will change. 

Earlier this month, she was seen donning an evening dress to take her bins out, explaining she “wheelie wanted to dress up”, while in another post, she popped on her wedding dress and some welly boots to mow her lawn

She pulled off a hilarious April Fool’s prank on her daughters by convincing them all weekends and school holidays would be cancelled when kids to eventually return to school after the coronavirus outbreak. 

Earlier this week, Mandy also posted a make-up tutorial on Instagram – but with one big difference.

Amanda is continuing to present her Heart Breakfast Show during the lockdown, travelling from her Richmond home to central London most days to wake up her listeners.

She is also back on our screens in the latest series of Britain’s Got Talent, appearing in auditions that were pre-recorded earlier this year. 

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