12/05/2017 16:13 BST

‘American’ Gods’ Renewed For A Second Season, Just Two Episodes Into The First


We’ve got good news for ‘American Gods’ fans, as the show has been renewed for a second season, by TV bosses in the US.

We may be only two hours into series one, but that hasn’t stopped network Starz from deciding that more episodes are definitely needed (and we couldn’t agree more).

It's fair to say Shadow and Mad Sweeney didn't get off to the best of starts 

The network’s programming president Carmi Zlotnik said (via Deadline): “Bryan Fuller, Michael Green and Neil Gaiman have evolved the art form of television narratively, structurally and graphically with ‘American Gods’.

“We’re thrilled to be working again with these artists as they continue to build the worlds and wars of the gods.”

Here in the UK, fans can stream ‘American Gods’ via Amazon Prime and globally, the series premiere has now been watched over five million times.

Episode one certainly set the tone for the series, opening with a bloodthirsty Coming To America scene and then, of course, there was that Bilquis moment.

Quite frankly, we’re still not over it.

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