25/08/2017 11:31 BST

Parents Of Amy Vigus Release Heart-Breaking Video Warning About Drugs After Daughter Dies

'She will never know the pain she has caused.'

The heartbroken family of a girl who died after taking a party drug have released an emotional tribute to their daughter in an attempt to warn other young people about the dangers.

Amy Vigus, a 20-year-old from Colchester, Essex, died on August 21, two days after taking what she thought was ecstasy “in a moment of madness” at Elrow Town festival in London. 

Despite being sick and fitting multiple times, Vigus was able to make it home.

However, her parents were forced to perform CPR on their daughter after she collapsed one more time. Two days later, she was dead. 

Our Amy
Amy Vigus died after taking a party drug at a festival 

Now, less than a week after her death, her parents have created a moving video remembering the “cheeky, mischievous and caring” girl in a desperate attempt to prevent other families experiencing the same tragedy.

Titled “Our Amy”, it has been watched almost two million times since it was posted to Facebook yesterday morning.

“Our Amy fell into a coma,” the voiceover says. “She laid there, hair in, eyelashes on, glitter in her hair, but no smile on her face.  

“She laid there motionless still and seemingly peaceful. 

“The corridors of Colchester General Hospital echoed with the cries and screams of her family members.”

Our Amy
The 20-year-old's family have released an emotional tribute to their daughter 

“Our Amy made a mistake. Our Amy will never smile again. Our Amy is dead,” the three minute video continues. 

“In that moment of madness, she took an unknown substance. Our Amy had no idea it would have led to this.

“She will not be celebrating Christmas anymore, she will not be celebrating her 21st birthday. She will not be buying her parents Mother’s or Father’s Day cards. 

“She will never know the pain she has caused. The next time you are in that moment, please stop and think about our Amy and the consequences of her mistake on herself and her family she has left behind.”  

Our Amy
Almost two million people have watched the warning about drugs 

The young woman’s family are now raising money for the Colchester Hospitals Charity as a thank you for the “amazing care they gave our Amy”. 

To date, more than £2,500 has been donated by around 100 people. 

Thousands of people have have also sent messages of support and thanks to the Vigus family for sharing their story. 

A woman named Kimberly Hill wrote: “Such a waste of a beautiful life. One mistake. My thoughts are with the family for this brave video to help others.” 

Another Facebook user added: “So sorry for your loss, words cannot express the grief your family must be going through. 

“But how brave to tell Amy’s story in the hope of prevent another family suffering the same... thank you.” 

For more information about the family’s crowdfunding efforts, visit their JustGiving page