25/05/2016 13:10 BST | Updated 25/05/2016 13:12 BST

Angela Eagle Mocks George Osborne For 'Banishing' Brexit Tories From PMQs

'The chancellor's put the rest of his Brexit colleagues in detention'

Angela Eagle made fun of Conservative splits over the EU referendum today during prime minister's questions, as she noticed George Osborne had surrounded himself with pro-EU ministers.

Labour's shadow first secretary of state was standing in for Jeremy Corbyn as the chancellor took the place of David Cameron who is in Japan.

Eagle spotted justice secretary Michael Gove had been "banished" from the front bench to sit in the far corner of the Commons chamber.

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Michael Gove spotted by eagle-eyed Labour MPs

Eagle told Osborne: "With 29 days to go until the most important decision this country has faced in a generation, we have before us a government in utter chaos. Split down the middle. At war with itself.

"The stakes could not be higher, this is government is adrift, at the mercy of its own rebel backbenchers."

Pointing at the Tory frontbench, she added: ""They are fighting a bitter proxy war over the leadership of their own party. I notice no 'Outer', all the Brexiteers have been banished."

And pointing at Gove, said said to laughter: "It's nice to see the justice secretary here. I think the chancellor's put the rest of his Brexit colleagues in detention."

A pro-EU Conservative frontbench at PMQs today

But Osborne hit back, noting it was not "any great revelation that different Conservative MPs have different views on the EU".

"That's why we are having a referendum," he told the Commons. "Because this issue does divide parties and families and friends and we made a commitment in our manifesto that the British people would decide this question."