Angry Seagull Terrorises Truro Tesco, Causes Evacuation After Perching Atop Pet Food Aisle

'This IAMS is mine now. All hail seagull.'

An irate avian forced the total evacuation of a supermarket in Cornwall on Tuesday evening as shoppers looked on in horror.

The angry seagull swooped into the Tesco store in Garras Wharf, Truro at around 8:30pm and began harassing customers and staff.

One employee told SWNS: “I was unaware of its presence until it nearly flew into my head.”

Another customer was reportedly hit in the face by the seagull as it entered the shop.

The store was eventually forced to close for 75 minutes as staff attempted to apprehend the angry bird, leaving more than 50 people unable to purchase their groceries.

The gull was eventually captured and safely released outside after taunting workers from atop a pack of IAMS cat food.

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