24/01/2017 12:30 GMT

Ann Widdecombe Calls Women's Marches 'Pathetic' On Good Morning Britain

At the same time. Remarkable.

Ann Widdecombe clashed with Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday after branding the Women’s Marches last weekend as “pathetic”.

The former Tory MP suggested that women today have it far easier than in the past, meaning there was no need for such demonstrations.

Millions of people in cities around the world protested on Saturday against the threat Donald Trump’s presidency poses to women’s rights. 

Widdicombe said: “I can remember when women were unequal and nowadays it’s gone completely the other way. All of these women shortlists, women have advantages on all custody cases in the court

“They weren’t arguing, they were shouting. We’ve got advantages which men haven’t got and I think that it’s gone very unfairly the other way.”

Reid interjected saying that despite equal pay laws a lack of transparency meant many women still weren’t being paid the same as men for the same job.

Widdecombe replied: “That’s nonsense!”

She then turned her attention to co-host Piers Morgan, saying: “We have overtaken men, women have all the advantage now, and men are just rolling over.

“Stand up for yourself, Piers!”

Morgan was roundly lambasted over the weekend for critcising the Women’s Marches and proposing a Men’s March.

Amongst the disapproving commenters was none other that Reid herself.