16/05/2018 11:21 BST | Updated 16/05/2018 15:13 BST

Bruno Lachaux - an apology

On 20 January 2014 we published on the Huffington Post UK website a blog entitled “British Victim of Domestic Abuse Faces Prison In The UAE”, which made reference to Mr Lachaux.

The blog alleged that while married to and living with his ex-wife in Dubai, Mr Lachaux had subjected her to physical abuse which she left him to escape, taking their baby son with her; that he had falsely accused his ex-wife of kidnapping their son, a false charge which unjustly left her facing jail in the UAE; that he had improperly threatened her at a divorce hearing in Dubai, telling her that he would ‘destroy’ her; and that having found out where she was, he had snatched their son back from her without justification.

We have now joined with Mr Lachaux, in settlement of his defamation claim, in making a statement in open court on Wednesday May 16, 2018. The statement recorded the judgment of Mr Justice Mostyn rejecting all of these allegations in separate family court proceedings brought by Mr Lachaux’s ex-wife against him.

We also accepted in the statement that the allegations in the blog were untrue. We offered our apologies to Mr Lachaux and expressed our regret that the statements complained of were published. The statement in open court is available in full here.