Apple AirPod Wireless Earphones Prank Makes People Think Toothbrushes Are The Hottest New Tech Accessory

Did the bristles not give it away?

Internet prankster Julius Dein is back again, and this time he’s somehow managed to convince a bunch of people that two electric toothbrush heads are actually Apple’s new wireless earphones.

<strong>An easy mistake to make.</strong>
An easy mistake to make.
Julius DeinApple

A surprising number of people actually fell for the prank, putting the toothbrushes into their ears and commenting on the innovative new style.

The jokester’s victims also got to listen to music through the “earphones” - with the help of someone sneaking up behind them with a pair of speakers.


Dein has managed to rack up nearly 5,000,000 Facebook followers thanks to a regular stream of magic tricks, pranks and social experiments, including that time he managed to get Londoners to repeatedly shout “I am a penis”.

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