27/01/2017 11:53 GMT | Updated 27/01/2017 11:55 GMT

‘Apple Tree Yard’ Episode 2: Will Unfaithful Yvonne Come To Her Senses?

She's thrown all her cards in the wind.

The credits on the first episode of ‘Apple Tree Yard’ had barely aired, before viewers had rushed to praise the performance of Emily Watson, even as they despaired of her character Yvonne’s decision to throw caution to the wind, and dive into an affair with enigmatic stranger Mr X (Ben Chaplin).  

Inevitably, it’s all gone horribly wrong for her, with her brutal attack at a party at the hands of a colleague - in scenes Emily Watson admitted was traumatic to film. 

The overriding question must be how her secret affair affects her decision to report, or not, to the police what’s happened to her. And how much she’ll choose to tell her husband, Gary? And whether her experience will force Yvonne to re-think her decisions?

Ahead of Episode 2 on Sunday evening, these are the other aspects we’re chewing on... 

How will her assault affect Yvonne's secret affair with Mr X?

How many previous guests has Mr X invited into his broom cupboard? He seems to know all about the keys, its celebrated history, what noise the cleaning tools make when they’re kicked in the height of passion...

Did the broom cupboard encounter really mean as much to mysterious ‘civil servant’ Mr X as it clearly did to Yvonne?

Is it possible to turn on the TV for some contemporary drama without catching sight of Scottish actor Mark Bonnar? Already familiar to ‘Unforgotten’ fans, ‘Apple Tree Yard’ finds him on duty as Yvonne’s unsuspecting, but possibly unfaithful, husband Gary…

It soon became clear that Gary had his own fan club, with research assistant Rosa even turning up, distraught, on their doorstep. Was he just being a good professor, having “shut down the possibility” of an affair, or has he got his own secrets?

How is Mr X so adept in the art of covering his tracks? The phone he’s bought Yvonne is ‘Pay as you go, never from the same place twice’… Why is he carrying cigarettes when he doesn’t smoke? And does he really work for the government as he says?

Why doesn’t Yvonne put her secret phone on silent? That beep with every new erotic message is ever so loud.

Who’s the mysterious person, phoning their landline at home and then hanging up? Mr X, or perhaps Rosa?

Why is Mr X so obsessed with video-cameras in public places? How does he know about that camera facing the wrong way in the alley way? And knows when a camera is working, and when it isn’t? Are these just tools of his trade, will it be how he and Yvonne get discovered, or is he planning to stitch her up? 

Following the shocking conclusion of this first episode, will Yvonne’s secret life work against her when it comes to seeking justice? 

And what IS she on trial for? Watch this space.

‘Apple Tree Yard’ continues on BBC One on Sunday at 9pm. Catch up on BBCiPlayer.


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