12/09/2018 22:10 BST | Updated 12/09/2018 22:29 BST

Apple Watch Series 4 Unveiled With UK Price And Release Date

it can even take an ECG reading of your heart ❤️

Apple has unveiled the Watch Series 4 boasting a new thinner design but with a much larger display.

The Series 4 also has a range of new health-focused features including one of the first ECG readers found outside of a professional clinic or hospital.

It’s available in either a stainless steel finish or aluminium and comes in three colours: silver, gold and space grey.


Apple Watch Series 4 specs:

This is Apple’s biggest update to the Watch since it was first launched so there’s a lot new here.

For starters the Watch Series 4 is thinner, yet despite that it now has a much larger OLED display that almost reaches to the edge of the device.

On the back Apple has redesigned the Watch so that it now has a black ceramic backplate and a sapphire crystal heart-rate sensor.


The Digital Crown on the side has also been completely redesigned with haptic feedback so you’ll actually be able to ‘feel’ as you scroll through photos, text messages or settings.

Perhaps the biggest update to Watch however is hidden inside the device. It has a new 64-bit S4 chip that offers twice the performance of the Series 3.

Coupled with that is a new gyroscopic sensor that not only makes fitness tracking more accurate but now enables a new safety feature called fall detection. Using the on-board sensors the Watch can now detect if you’ve had a serious fall and will ask if you want to contact the emergency services. If you can’t respond it will automatically send your location to your emergency contacts and also call the emergency services.


The Series 4′s biggest feature however is that it can now turn into your very own Electrocardiogram allowing you to take an ECG reading. This is the first time you’ve been able to take ECG readings from a device that’s available outside of clinic or a hospital.

From a medical standpoint this is quite a big deal. Apple’s actually managed to get FDA approval for the ECG on the Watch so a doctor or medical professional can read the findings and know that they’re being presented with a useful degree of accuracy.


Finally it’ll use all of its sensors to detect if you have either a low heart-rate or if you’re showing signs of AFib, both important features for those who have either existing heart conditions or could be at risk. 

Apple Watch Series 4 design:

Despite being thinner you’ll be pleased to know that the new Series 4 supports all the previous Apple Watch bands so at least you won’t have to spend a fortune on new straps.

Apple also claims it has improved the speaker system so if you fancy talking to your wrist like Dick Tracy that’s going to become a lot easier. On a more serious note it should mean you’ll actually be able to hear Siri more clearly when you ask it questions or give it instructions.


Apple Watch Series 4 UK release date and price:

The Apple Watch Series 4 will be available in either aluminium or stainless steel. It’ll also be available in gold, silver and space grey.

You can pre-order it in the UK on the 14 September and then it’s available to buy in-store on the 21st September.

Apple Watch Series 4 Aluminium: £399
Apple Watch Series 4 Aluminium + 4G: £499

Apple Watch Series 4 Stainless Steel + 4G: £699