Arsenal Fan Who Promised To 'Cut Off Balls' If Leicester City Win Premiership Has Pretty Rough Night

Among the many winners, there were some losers last night.

Warning: strong language

There were many losers last night - mainly Tottenham, but also some others a little more unexpected.

Late last year an Arsenal fan tweeted this...

And last night, as you shall be more than aware, Leicester won the league.

Unfortunately for 'Assist Wizard' as the now-Champions season went from strength the strength, so did his tweets virility.

Interest hit frenzied levels on Sunday when Leicester City had to opportunity to claim the title if they beat Manchester United.

Weirdly, loss of his testicles didn't appear to cancel out his desire to see Spurs lose the league.

But then the reality of the situation seemed to sink in and and by the next day people smelled blood.

But still, historic football rivalry was no match to an attachment to personal anatomy.

The ensuing stream of emotion is quite something.

Oh, but back to that original promise.

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