Asda Inadvertently Creates A Way To Troll Your Grammar-Obsessed Dad

Spot the rogue apostrophe.

If you’ve spent a lifetime getting flack from your dad over grammar and spelling, it’s time to get your own back.

Asda has inadvertently been selling a T-shirt with a blatant error on the front - and while it’s pretty awful for those who have bought it unknowingly, it could also be a brilliant way to troll your grammar-obsessed dad on Father’s Day.

The T-shirt reads: “Dad’s don’t do things by halves.” And if you haven’t yet spotted it, the apostrophe in “dad’s” should absolutely not be there.

The error was noticed by multiple people, ‘Caribou58’ shared the photo on a Mumsnet forum and said they had noticed the top in “a number of branches this week”.

Christopher Martin from Basingstoke also spotted the T-shirt in his local store. “How the hell does this make it as far as a printed T-shirt without SOMEONE picking up on the basic error?” he tweeted.

Chris told HuffPost UK afterwards: ”[I’m] Disappointed that such a basic error could make it all the way from the initial design stage to a printed T-shirt in a large UK supermarket without anyone noticing. It must have got past so many stages in the process.”

An Asda spokesperson apologised for the error, telling The Sun: “We dropped the ball here, and not the apostrophe, which was a mistake.”