07/04/2017 15:11 BST | Updated 08/04/2017 10:24 BST

Asda Has Released Bunny Crumpets For Easter And Twitter Is In Meltdown

Cute or creepy?

Twitter is divided, but this time it’s not Brexit or the US election making us stand on two very different sides... it’s bunny crumpets.

Asda has released the rabbit-shaped treats just in time for Easter and the internet is up in arms about them.

While novelty-shaped crumpets are nothing new, this particular variety has caused quite the stir. 

Some pointed out the uncanny resemblance to Frank from Donnie Darko...


Others agreed they look incredibly sinister.

Some don’t see the point of them at all...

But others seem to like the unconventional shape.

In fact, they think bunny crumpets could even be the future.

Having tried them here at HuffPost HQ, we’re not convinced - the ears are just too awkward to top with butter.

Sorry Asda, we’ll be sticking to conventional crumpets (or hot cross buns) this Easter. 

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