31/01/2018 16:55 GMT

6 Times Asos Baffled Us With Denim Looks, As Told By Twitter

'Today, in weird stuff found on the high street.'

From classic jackets to skinny jeans, a piece of denim will invariably be the go-to item in anyone’s wardrobe. And because staples can get a little repetitive, brands continue to push the envelop with form, cut and shape. See, for example, Y-Project’s detachable jeans.

Asos is also feeling experimental – recently adding a new look to their extensive denim collection. The latest in a long line of fabulously silly creations for the online fashion retailer is a denim bustier from retro-loving brand Milk It: the snappily named ‘Vintage Re-Worked Denim Bustier Over T-Shirt.’ 


The novel creation (£35) has already got some fans losing their cool on Twitter

But this isn’t the first time the trendy label has featured designs that tend to be considered less than ordinary. Asos entered 2018 with a flourish when they showcased this beauty: the crotchless jeans. 


Also, not too cute according to the Twittersphere. Although it seems that celebrities like Demi Lovato are surprisingly onboard with denim chaps, as the singer was seen sporting a similar pair on the red carpet in December 2017. 

And does anyone remember the suspender jeans? Last summer,  Asos brought out this pair of head turners out in the slightly more flattering hue of dark denim.

There even exists a parody account that celebrates the brand’s quirkiest pieces. The infamous builder’s crack jeans made it onto the increasingly popular account’s Instagram

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Getting in on the digital ribbing, another Twitter user shared one of Asos’ earlier efforts which took ripped jeans to the level above the next level. 

And who can forget the unintentional blips (as well as the aesthetically questionable ones) that have ticked Asos fans? The brand had a bit of a moment when customers shared their excessively long trousers on twitter. 

Ah, we all live and learn.