24/01/2017 10:13 GMT

ASOS Is Guessing What Size Its Customers Are, And They're Not Happy About It

'Stop trying to tell me what size I am.'

ASOS has launched an online tool, advising customers on what size clothing they should buy.

The new website feature automatically uses your past shopping history to recommend what size the site thinks would fit you best.

Needless to say, it’s already riled a few people.

Fashion blogger Hannah Gale took to Twitter to express her annoyance at the tool.

“Stop trying to tell me what size I am, you don’t know me,” she wrote.

Gale’s Twitter followers began sharing their own experiences, with many posting that their recommendations were also wrong.

Others joked about potential problems with the tool.

Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s how the new sizing recommendation works.

Firstly, when you view an item, a suggested size will instantly pop up. You can’t opt out of seeing it.


Click the link for more info and ASOS reveal the recommendation is based on your past purchase history and returns.


There’s the option to make results “more accurate” by letting ASOS know which past purchases didn’t fit you well.


You can also add your height, weight and desired fit type - on a scale from very tight, to very loose.


The tool then asks for your “tummy shape”, “hip shape” and bra size.


Oh, and your age. ASOS say that knowing your age helps the tool recommend the right size as “age has an impact on how your weight is distributed”.


Like many Twitter users, when we added our statistics into the calculator it recommended a larger size than we’d normally buy.

The Huffington Post UK has reached out to ASOS for comment.

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