Comedian Hilariously Schools Guys On How Not To Chat Up Women

'When a girl is not interested in you, leave it.'

When a guy won’t leave you alone on a night out, it’s not flattering. At best it’s annoying, at worst it’s intimidating.

One thing’s for sure, “I have a boyfriend” is definitely not code for “please try harder”.

As London-based comedian Aurie Styla points out in the video above: “If a girl has said she’s got a boyfriend, whether she’s lying or telling the truth, she’s not interested in you.”

Styla was inspired to create the video after seeing a lot of “thirsty” guys talking to women and refusing to “take no for an answer” at Notting Hill Carnival.

And he has a clear message for guys who harass women.

“When a girl is not interested in you, leave it at that, forget it,” he says.

“Stop trying to beg for her attention, for her number, for her love, just leave it alone.”

Styla says he’s sick of having to pretend to be friends’ boyfriends on nights out, because other men won’t leave them alone.

He adds that when a girl says she has a boyfriend, you should never ask her: “Where is he?”

“Any man that asks a girl to prove that her boyfriend is in the nightclub, you are a professional dickhead,” he says.

His video has been viewed more than 500,000 times, with more than 1,000 people commenting to thank him for standing up for women.

“Thank you so very much for speaking up on this on behalf of us ladies,” one said. “It seems to be getting worse and worse. Hopefully some will see this and stop and think about their actions.”

Another added: “No one, regardless of gender, should have to justify a ‘no.’ If we say ‘no,’ deal with it. It’s not just because I’m married, it’s because even if I were single, the answer would be no.”

Speaking to i100, Styla said the response he’s received to the video proves harassment “is evidently a problem”.

“I’ve received a handful of messages from men who feel that I’m ruining the [chat up] game for them,” he said.

“But if harassing a woman into liking is your skill, then you need to slap yourself.”