14 Questions Parents Of Autistic Children Are Tired Of Hearing

No, it's not just a tantrum.

It is estimated that every 1 in 100 people in the UK is on the autism spectrum, which makes it even more surprising that for something that is so common, so many people still do not know how to talk about the disorder.

And this is never more apparent that to the parents of children with autism.

This week, ahead of World Autism Awareness Day, one Manchester mum shared the comments and questions on her blog that she gets from strangers about her son’s condition every single day and they sounded all too familiar.

These are some of the 14 questions parents are tired of being asked.

1. Are you sure they are autistic?

2. But they look so normal?

3. What do you think caused it?

4. Why are there so many labels these days?

5. Are you certain it isn’t a phase?

6. Have you tried changing their diet?

7. Have you tried being more disciplined?

8. Don’t all children have meltdowns?

9. Are you just over-indulging their tantrums?

10. Does it run in your family?

11. Are their siblings okay?

12. Did you vaccinate?

13. What will they be able to do as an adult?

14. How do you cope?

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