10/12/2018 11:16 GMT | Updated 07/01/2019 10:45 GMT

Unique Baby Names: The Trends That May Inspire Your Choices In 2019

Think royal family, power couples and... trainer brands 👟

If your due date is creeping closer and you still don’t have a clue what name to go for, why not look at the 2019 baby name trends?

Parenting website BabyCentre, which releases predictions of baby names each year, has put together a list of the trends it believes will dominate baby name choices this year. 

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Дарья Амосеева via Getty Images

Young Royals

The royal family has had quite a year, what with two royal weddings, the birth of Prince Louis, and a Meghan Markle announcing her pregnancy – and apparently this means a whole host of new trending baby names. After the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to Louis earlier this year, the name rose in popularity and BabyCentre predicts the same will happen with Meghan and Harry’s little one. 

Celebrity Power Couples

BabyCentre predicts with all the publicity these couples get in the media, they’re likely to make a mark on baby names. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had their second child this year, Miles. Chrissy is up 27 per cent and John is up nine per cent in the website’s log of baby names, while Mile is up 13 per cent for boys. Can you think of any other celeb couples whose names you’d like to nick?

Gender Swapping

“Today’s parents are breaking the mould by giving their daughters traditionally male names,” BabyCentre states. Among its baby name registrations for girls, Max, Tyler and Ryan have all seen an increase. It predicts Lindsey, Ashley, Tracy, and Kelsey could be revived for boys in 2019. 

Trainer Names

Yes, you read that correctly. BabyCentre said Van (as in Vans) and both Chuck and Taylor (other names for Converse) were trending in 2018 for boys. Inspired by Nike there’s Max, Cortez, Monarch and Jordan, while Adidas has Stan, Smith and Falcon. Any that take your fancy? 

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